The Root of the Root

We often, as human beings, accept the given system.
 Ride it out, and it works just fine. Until it doesn’t.
There is a kink in the system.

Someone dies, or
We contract a chronic illness, or
We wake up discontent with a system that was “supposed to work”.
We can’t shake the feeling that things should be different.

We go to a doctor, to an expert, to a psychologist.
They prescribe us supposed antidotes, but those come with a host of other problems. We teeter on this delicate precipice of weighing out the pros and cons. We feel broken and alone and wonder why this is happening to us.

What happens in the wake of the self pity? Sometimes we ride out the cycle, of bouncing around from one set of information to the next. Seek advice, skittish of the idea that deep down, we know what we need.

And yet, we know. We are not a list of symptoms. And we need more than a band-aid that covers up one cut and causes another.

With time, we may learn to embrace the humility. Let it flower into beautiful resilience.

We reject the notion that we are the pieces of a thing we need to put back together.
We see those pieces as a continually discarded exoskeleton. A shedded skin. In a place of ever-transition. Constant growth and renewal.

We trace the origins. We ask questions. We wonder, what is the root?

What is the root of the root?

This blog is a never-ending journey. And in my exploration, I hope to empower yours. To help support that inkling that yes, deep down, your intuition can and will lead you to exactly where you need to be. That this moment is your teacher. And that we’re in all of this together.


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