Everything You Can Think of Is True

Alex begruded Ginsberg
for “getting to Howl first”
as if the poem were a thing
simply plucked
from galaxy debris

As if it were fully formed,
gestated in the star-speckled belly
of The Great Subconscious

As if Ginsberg simply stumbled upon it,
or more aptly, tripped,
in the midst of humble composition.

Was it luck of the draw,
the fortune of slender fingers
that coaxed forth
such beatnik masterpiece
from The Great Grab-bag of the Imagination?

Maybe it was chance.
Some equally abstract,
unnamed concept.

I row, gently,
down the stream of subconscious
waiting to meet the ocean’s own
reflection of itself
in the sky



This one’s in the early gestation stages.

It feels pretty much incoherent to me right now. No idea how it comes across.

The title was inspired by the Tom Waits song



3 thoughts on “Everything You Can Think of Is True

  1. Excellent. A poem we all wish we could have written, but could we have? I’m convinced that those who write well write what others won’t/don’t write, regardless of whether they could have. -keepwriting-

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