When your devils

When your devils come knocking,

invite them in for a cup of tea.

Greet them in your Sunday best;

dust off the good China.

Embrace them like long-lost friends.

Give them some respite

from vagrant life

in the shadows.

Ask them about their interests.

What they’re passionate about,

afraid of. What inspires them.

What it’s been like for them,

all this time, following you around.

If they start to get anxious,

take them dancing.

The lindy hop, the fox trot.


Hip to hip,

kiss them in the midst

of a slow dip.

If they try to poison your biscuits,

or slit your wrists,

pull them close and laugh with them.

(Laughter is the only known antidote

for anything too serious)

When your hungry ghosts come howling,

bake them a cake.

Celebrate loss and longing,

celebrate anything.

If your fingers float through

their skin, feed them your

intentions, while you eat.

When they come,

the devils, the ghosts,

the specters of

your fractured selves,

look for the connecting thread

to mend the seams.

Invite them and love them.

Whisper sweet nothings

and let them find solace

in the open arms

of your mind and heart, aligned.




Hrmmm. WordPress kinda funked up the format of the poem. That’s a-okay, I just don’t want to fix it yet. Later!


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