The Planetary Consciousness Shift (Will not be Televised)

Jacob says he’s like a slate, erased. But that with time, you can see the old marks juxtaposed with the new. Eventually, an obscuration or two is inevitable. 
Can you see the worth in what you’ve been through?

We’re all looking to reality hop —
jump from one passing train of thought
to another
Stow our bodies away in sleep
& awake in the landscape
of another being’s dream.

There is a pill for that.
There is a plant for that.
There is romance, enough money, flattery, there is

No longer seduced
by the breakneck speed
of repeating the cycle, endlessly,
as monks finger their mala beads,
nuns their rosaries, prayer perched on tongue tips,
and caught between teeth.

The planetary consciousness shift
will not be televised. (x3)
It will be broadcast, telepathically,

It will twist in your gut
butterflies unleashed
from the cocoon of your belly.
it will tingle in the staircase
of your DNA,
the tiptoed rhythm of your  fate
as you elevate.


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