I do believe in fairies

Where have you been?

We are calling.
Singing the song of Now.

We may flit alongside
your consciousness,
a simple flash of color and light.

A fleck of dust.
A lingering taste.
That moment of knowing
sandwiched inbetween
dreaming and waking.

We tickle the Muse’s nose
with a butterfly kiss,
sprinkle seasoning on your dinner,
put the swagger
in the alley cat’s walk,
throw confetti off the eiffel tower.

We will not come if not invited,
but offer us a home,
call us in for tea. Call upon us
before bed, to ignite your dreams.

You thought for so long,
we were something to tame.
A cute toy to capture or
a new species to test.

We are the magic
that dances in each footprint.

Where have you been?
Will you choose to see?


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