in dreams i crawl

in dreams i crawl
into ancestors’ tombs
i slither army-style,
on my belly
into the depths of the earth
and find old, abandoned
hotel rooms,
the furniture and artwork

i wanted to ask
what it all meant.
to press the enigmatic
fortune cookie’s
sugar coating
against my tongue

to shake it like a wrapped present
listen like an ear pressed hard to a seashell
eagerly anticipate like a fingers
and toes crossed with
wishing on a star type longing

instead i am given these projections
swirled around in a brain stew
sprinkled with the salt of my tears,
with a teaspoon of blood,
a tuft of my hair, or the shavings
of my fingernails

i trace the pictures
dancing over my skin
like shadow puppets by the fire.
i trail their shapes
with fingerpaint,
swirl double helix bonds
above my navel,
the goddess garden snakes
shimmy below my hips

i have etched our history
onto your shedding skin
i have breathed out the dust
of your former selves

i stand, poised,
on the cusp
on the mountain’s edge
staring out at the landscape
of themind

i am at the peak
of the blindfold climb
up the spiral staircase
of your DNA
intertwined with mine


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