Create Your Own Adventure: Cross-Country Moving Edition

One week left.

The phrase echoes in your head like a mantra, both a sobering reality and an abstract truth. The couch you’re sitting on, the coffee table your legs are perched upon, will both be hauled out of the apartment by the end of the day. Boxes and bins sprawl all around you, their energetic limbs akimbo, flaunting their dimensions, unwilling to shrink to more convenient sizes.

“Simplify!” They remind you. “Let go! Cast us into the bubbling brook, the steady stream, and trust we will find our way back to you.”

How is it all going to fit into the Subaru? you think and yet, there is comfort in that limitation. You can enjoy the juxtaposition of the vague and the definite. The how may become vague and shaky but the when, that is definite. The hotel is already booked for halfway between here and your final destination. The who, that part is enthralling. Your co-creator partner, the Magician, and you. Why? — the question posed from many an inquisitive acquaintance. Why move from the security of What Is into the Great Unknown? You wonder how to explain; you settle for unpacking the stirring of the deep belly sense of knowing. The sweet magnetism in your insides to the ore of the great mountains.

What lies beyond? They sometimes ask.

You feel the sprouting of an impish grin. This is the question that “outs” you. There is no face-saving attempt at solid plan. No diagrammed escape routes, no list of Pros and Cons.  No palm unfurled, a bespectacled caricature of a Sage whispering your fate’s unfolding.

There is you, and everything, and everything is you.


Photo Copyright Elena Stanton Photography


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