Progress Paralysis: Part One


Oh, yes. You are cruising along, the wind in your hair, the open road before you. You feel unstoppable. It’s magical, beautiful, the momentum whirring you through space to your next, mysterious destination.
And suddenly, the brakes. BAM! Progress paralysis. Just as swiftly as you felt transported into the mystical ether of higher connection, so now you feel thrown into the depths of stasis.
You were progressing. You were active. You were doing it. 
So what happened? Your brain is stuck in whiplash, the breath knocked out of your inspiration. Will this feeling ever pass?
Just the other day, I was totally high on life. I was kicking ass and taking names. Moving past old fears, feeling empowered and amazing.
Then, a situation pierced me in the ‘ol Achilles heel: a new social situation, stirring up old, outdated feelings of social anxiety. 
We’ve all been there. Feeling amazing, slaying our dragons, and without warning, we feel like we’re transported back to square one. Back to the most basic aspects of our self-development. We feel both utterly alone and yet under constant scrutiny. A dream of flying devolved into standing in front of your old high school class, naked, expected to answer an impossible math equation.
As you’re panicked and mentally flailing, your old friend The Mind scrambles to help. “Ah, yes! You need information! Yes, information. I have so much of that. I’ve been recording everything you’ve experienced. What can I re-hash for you? Hmm you’re feeling anxiety right now. I’ve got lots about that in my database. Remember all those times you were too afraid to try something new? Does that help? Also, remember how depressed you used to be regarding social situations? Oh, but wait! I’m downloading a lot of data, too, about you feeling successful after trying something new and challenging. So, according to my calculations, you should probably do the thing you’re scared to do. You’re probably be happy you did.”
Your Mind gave you an answer. The answer. That’s that, right? You should feel good now. Everything should be swell. But it’s not, is it? You still have feelings. Often, though, instead of tuning in to our feelings, we run over them, assuming the Mind is the ultimate authority. So, what happens to the feelings? They’re still there, aren’t they? They get shoved somewhere, stuffed down into our hips, the pit of our belly, a twitch in our eye.
So, let’s say we listen to the Mind. We challenge ourselves. Go to that new, scary, social situation. And the feelings are still there. We might feel proud we went, maybe we had a pretty good time. But something is still a little bit off. Our bellies are flip-flopping the whole time. We get a headache. Our heart races whenever it’s our turn to speak. Our feelings are stirring, trying to go somewhere, but we’ve kept them inside. Didn’t let them out.
What if it isn’t about the mind? What if we’ve been asking our friend The Mind to complete a task that it’s never been qualified to do? So many people have told us it’s the ultimate authority. That reason and logic rule. But, then why doesn’t it feel good? Why are so many of our feelings suppressed and eroding our bodies, clamoring for our attention? 
This has been the way of my reality for some while. I seem to be drawn, as if magnetically, to challenges, to gently pushing my boundaries. Once I’m in that situation, I always assumed I’d simply “get over” the mind chatter, the negative self-talk that seems to take over and shove me out of the way. I thought everything would feel so right, so aligned. I know negative thought patterns won’t help. I know that whatever we resist persists. I know that  our thoughts create our reality.
So why wasn’t that enough? What was missing? 
I’ve slowly been tugging on deeply buried emotion, unraveling twisted knots if it from deep in my belly. Releasing the weight of my feelings by allowing them to be expressed, then dissipate.
Watch my youtube video to hear about how I’ve tapped into these emotions and how it’s transforming the way I approach my problems. 



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