The Medicine in Everything


Photo by Elena Stanton Photography


Fox medicine. Snake medicine. Coyote medicine.

Native American spirituality holds their animals in high regards as teachers. These animals and their characteristics hold restorative and insightful medicine.

What if you pass a squirrel on your bike ride to work and instead of just brushing it off as “just another squirrel”, you see it as your animal medicine? As something to pay attention to. How does the squirrel behave? What lessons about its natural essence can you apply to your own life? Are you dealing with preparation, material goods, harvest, abundance, high energy work, planning for the future, etc?

What if you extended that perspective, beyond  animals alone?

What if we chose to see the medicine in everything?

The snobby-girl-in-class medicine. The happy three year old child medicine. The stuck in traffic medicine. The book that randomly stuck out to you in the library medicine. The feeling of resonation in your belly when you hear a Beethoven symphony medicine.

This is all your medicine. Just for you. Handcrafted by your own higher self, a web woven of the choices you make and the ways you choose to explore your own consciousness.

The universe is truly showering you with blessings. Everything is here in your experience for your own expansion, your own perspective shift, enlightenment, unbounded bliss. Like Tarot, or animal medicine, or anything symbolic, it is the reflection of yourself in everything. That you will draw the symbology closest to you in the moment that is the most relevant.

This is why you can always trust yourself. You’ll always be drawn to the thing in the moment that you need. All you need to do to connect to that is releasing the baggage of the meaning you apply to everything. That wanting this or that means something in particular about us. Those are merely the echoed beliefs around everything we have ever recorded in our brains, all the input we’ve received.

You know how when you listen to a three year old speak, you can hear his/her parent’s value reflected already their speech? Think ahead to whatever age you are. Imagine that many more years of taking in and assimilating information. If we were merely the products of our environment, we would be only robots. So what happens when we unpeel these layers of conditioning?

You peel that away and somehow find the True Self. The self whose existence is Beingness, is Unity, is All-Knowingness. This is the way in which enlightenment is a mere remembering. A stripping of layers to find a core that is already there. Always has and always will be.

What if the next time we wished to know something, we asked… ourselves? What if we assume that we are our own angels, guides, and teachers? There is nothing wrong with looking outside yourself. You may first strive to see the True Self in others, believing they may get in touch with theirs, but you’re not good enough to. Not masterful enough. Not on their level.

The irony is this: You are merely seeing the reflection of your awakened self in them. So why disassociate from it? Why, if you find a teacher whom you love, such as Teal Scott, for instance, do you not realize that hearing their words, their ideas, that they are your own?

You are never not interacting with yourself. As we all experience our life in this way, we are co-creating the most beautifully intricate web. Sound is vibration. Imagine the threads all vibrated at different frequencies, all intersected on different dimensions. Perhaps pain is merely dissonance, the feeling of a lack of harmony. Feeling good is the equivalent of resonance, of harmony, when everything just “sings”.

As we change our vibration, we change what frequency we are interacting on everything else with. Thus, we cannot change anyone else because there is no need to change them! We may merely adjust our focus, changing our frequency and thus cannot help but interact with them in a different way. In this way we can “tune” the human body, just like you would tune an instrument. This is what energy healings, all types of medicines, both spiritual and physical attempt to do. To tune your body. This is why having morning routines, being consistent, establishing routines of wellness, can keep you in a high vibration and make you feel good. It’s simply like practicing an instrument, and tuning that instrument each day before you play it.

We are all co-creating the magnificence of Beingness together.

If, in any moment, we don’t know which next step to take, how to choose where to go and what to do next, we may just ask: “How does Beingness wish to express itself in this moment?” We can relax and trust in the beauty of ourselves, unfolding.


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