ex ore




Tongue perched betwixt teeth,
& teetering on the precipice
of expression

the borderline
of realities, yet unexplored,
ripe for enunciation.

What fledgling truths
might flutter out
the cavern of my open mouth?

They are conjured
from the depths
of my belly,

fumbling toward sunlight,

steered only by the innocence
of authenticity.

And so fool becomes magician
in the transition of words, unfurled.
Spells cast.
Worlds collide.

And this, holy communion.
Holy fool, sputtering out
the language of the angels,
in gurgled birdsong.

The coo of babes,
tongue-tied and pure.

Speak now,
or forever
hold your peace.


Ahhh!! My first NaPoWriMo post in a few years! Shakin’ the cobwebs out, whew.

I am so grateful Mara steered me towards this lovely blog, from Elizabeh Weaver-Kreider. She is participating in NaPoWriMo and offering prompts.

I’m reminded, when writing this, just how MUCH abstraction my brain wants to bite off and chew. I think I will indulge it a bit, but perhaps try to write simple, concrete poems this year, too. Sometimes the abstract ones feel like a secret language with myself.

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