About This Blog


Thank you for visiting! I’m Valerie.

This blog is an extension of my expanding heart and consciousness. This is about widening the net, about awakening to the beauty that is and inviting you to come out and play with me.

This is about experimenting, having fun, and navigating through the constant shift as we wax and wane, ebb and flow.



This blog was born out of the resurgence of writing that’s slowly revealed itself to me. Sweetly, shyly.

When I was younger, I used to write from a sense of desperation, from a sadness that relied on writing to verbalize it, and vice versa. I operated this way for so long, until I stopped. Things shifted. I embraced that shift, wholeheartedly, and left behind the Sad Writer self. Years passed.  I fell in love with life, myself, and my soul mate. The world is alive in this whirling, magnificent way, and I felt my command of words had lost its place. Could I be content to refer to my past writer self as “simply a phase”? A “way to cope”?

No. The connection was deeper than that. In the quiet of winter, in utter stillness, in the absence of distraction, a thing happened. A timid seedling cleared its throat. Softly coughed. And I noticed. I see now, it was never a command of words. It was a surrender. It was the willingness to be a vessel. And a vessel for what? My life now is joy, happiness, sometimes sadness, but there is a hope even in my despair. A dejection that can laugh at its own sense of importance, that awaits the predictable change in cycle and season.

Memoir, essay, poetry, fused with my growing passions for nutrition; holistic, mindful living; authenticity and spirituality.

I am feeling things come together. I am experiencing the aftermath of growing pains, where stretch marks and sore bones intertwined with the seedling that now sprouts. My body is this growing, living thing, and I am living the journey of it.

What comes next? Instead of telling you, instead of thinking I have it all figured out, instead of being smart, I’m trying something new.

I’m embracing the bravery and curiosity it takes to let a thing develop, creatively uninhibited. And by god, I’m excited.


Photos on this page by Elena Stanton Photography

Find more of her beautiful work here: http://elenastanton.tumblr.com/

3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I found your blog on the list of NaPoWriMo participants and I’m glad I did! I had similar experience with writing being an outlet for pain when I was younger and I too am in the process of redefining what being a writer means for me. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story, I really look forward to reading more of it. Not to mention that I Carry Your Heart With Me is one of my favorite poems; the title of your blog is what drew me in. Thanks!

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